3 Tips to Help With Your New Years Resolutions

The whole new year, new you thing might seem to fading into the past at this point, diet plans have been pushed aside and the 6 gym sessions per week has proved far too much.

The problem with new years resolutions is that people tend to take on far too much all at once.

“This year I’m going to lose weight, quit smoking and go to the gym 5 times per week”.

Wow thats a lot of work, good luck. Of course everyone knows what usually happens, 99% of people will never reach any of the goals they set themselves (not a researched statistic FYI)

3 bits of advice I would give if you’re looking to make changes in 2017.

1. Pick a goal, just one.
Work on that goal till you’re confident about the progress you’re making. The example I used above picks three goals, all of which will require huge changes to your private life, eating habits, time management. Your willpower is going to be constantly challenged and each resolution will create its own set of stresses.

Put simply, it’s going to be too much all at once.

So pick just one and give it your all. Develop the habits needed to succeed till it becomes second nature, only then would I recommend incorporating other goals.

2. Be specific.
A blanket statement like “I want to lose weight, doesn’t really tell us anything other then you’re not happy about a specific aspect of your life. What is it you really want? To lose weight? Why?

What’s the real motivating factor behind that? Is it to change the way you look, to feel fitter, increase your confidence?

By digging a little deeper into what you want to achieve you can very often find more focus on what you really want and therefore more desire to achieve it.

3. Get some help.
Real significant goals take real focus, time and effort, so lighten the load a little by asking for help. Do you know someone who has achieved what you want? Ask them for a little advice.

Want to quit smoking? Ask your GP for advice and find out if there’s anything out there to help you?

Want to lose weight? Hire a nutrition expert who can guide you in a sensible manner rather than jumping on the latest fad diet.

No idea what you’re going to do in the gym? Get some personal training to show you what you can do to achieve your goals.

Whatever your goals are for 2017 good luck

Written by: David Ball

Instagram/Facebook @Davidballpt

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